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Wanderlust Footstool

Wanderlust Footstool

The Wanderlust collection draws its origins from Bauhaus designs, while simultaneously blending with the passions and expertise of its founders. The result is a fusion of familial traditions within the realms of precision metalwork and leather craftsmanship.


Similar to the majority of our collections, the furniture pieces in this collection combine state-of-the-art technology with meticulously handcrafted finishes. The leather components consist of two 7mm-thick leather pieces, ensuring that the top surface, which boasts superior quality, remains prominently visible and treated with the utmost care akin to fine leather goods. The steel undergoes numerical control technology for molding and then proceeds through four manual finishing stages: polishing, nickel plating, electrolytic color application, and lacquering.


Within this collection, you will find a diverse range of seating options specifically designed for kitchens, bars, and libraries.

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